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The company NAKIS Constructions Ltd. is active in the general field of metal construction and Machining operations. The company's facilities reach a total of 13.000sq.m of which is 2.400sq.m indoor area and 400sq.m office building. The high extent of indoor space allows the work within it, thus ensuring the quality of construction (welding, painting etc) and friendly workers conditions. The 2.400 sq. m plant holds 4 overhead cranes with 25, 10, 5 and 5 ton lifting capacity respectively

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Work Divisions

In recent years the company has turned the bulk of work in steel buildings, both in the study, design and construction, a sector in the Greek market flourishing in recent years. The steel buildings are the most earthquake-proof construction, as has been shown worldwide (i.e. USA, Japan), and therefore the company contribute to the promotion of such construction. Following both the American and European standards steel construction offers solutions that combine security and architectural elegance. The multilevel field of projects the company is undertaking and continuous development (both in facilities and equipment), gives our company the ability to provide comprehensive and integrated solutions to engineering problems.The company's goal is the ability to provide solutions in both design and manufacturing level to ensure quality and reliability of construction combined with the lowest possible cost.

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All those years the most popular choice for building and industrial building or structure is the steel structure.

When the demands of architecture are high and the impossible has to be real, then steel structures are most suitable choice to give the solution.

Retrofit of Existing Buildings

The use of steel members in retrofit of existing buildings is one of the most reliable choice to ensure the strength/stiffness of the structure and the strength during time. Because of the difficulty and the high demand on this type of work, steel members allow us to operate with the minimum disturbance and minimum material.

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